Nitrous oxide has been used for over a hundred years to make dental visits easier. For many dentists, it is a preferred method of sedation for children, and we may suggest using it to help your child relax while they are in the dental chair. If your child struggles with dental anxiety, nitrous oxide can help them have a positive experience with our pediatric dentist.

Also known as laughing gas, nitrous oxide is a very safe gas that is administered to your child through a mask that is placed over their nose. The gas is mixed with oxygen and is inhaled by your child throughout their treatment. It can greatly reduce stress, and your child may experience a heavy or floating sensation. While much has been made over people’s behavior while inhaling the gas, in almost every case, children simply feel very relaxed or somewhat euphoric. Once the gas is removed, the effects disappear within minutes, and your child will be able to resume their normal activities.

While nitrous oxide is one of the safest methods of dental sedation, our team will closely monitor your child throughout their appointment. We will want to discuss your child’s medical history or any allergies or medications prior to their visit. Contact our office if you would like our team to include nitrous oxide in your child’s appointment.