Office Tour

At The Tooth Cottage Children’s Dentistry, we provide a comfy and cozy atmosphere for your children. They will be greeted by a cute cottage with plenty of toys to explore while they prepare for their visit with our pediatric dentist, Dr. Marisol Bolivar. Call us at 904-429-3387 to schedule your child’s pediatric dental services in Saint Augustine, Florida, and let us know how we can help them feel more comfortable.

Inside the cottage you will find kid-friendly benches accompanied by a TV and headphones. We offer blankets to snuggle with and use re-usable barriers as part of our commitment reduce plastic waste. They will also receive goody bags with bamboo toothbrushes and tasty hydroxyapatite Risewell toothpaste.

Once we are all done, kids can visit our fun mini claw for a prize. If some numbing was needed, they can choose to have a treat from “The Sleepy Tooth” ice cream shop. We invite you to spend a few minutes enjoying your treats on our outdoor bench.