Dental Crowns

Children’s teeth play an incredibly important role in oral health and development. For baby teeth that have significant damage, Dr. Bolivar may recommend a dental crown. Our office provides stainless steel (silver) and zirconia (white) dental crowns that can restore your child’s healthy smile.

Dental crowns have many benefits, including:

  • Durability
  • Complete protection for the tooth
  • Reduced likelihood that further treatment will be needed
  • Effective space maintenance for the permanent teeth

White crowns are also esthetic and highly biocompatible. If you are interested in a white crown for your child, Dr. Bolivar is happy to evaluate your child to determine if they are a candidate.

To learn more about pediatric dental crowns in Saint Augustine, Florida, and make an appointment with our pediatric dentist, contact The Tooth Cottage Children’s Dentistry today at 904-429-3387.