Remineralizing Treatment

Remineralization is the process of hardening soft, small cavities. Our pediatric dentist may recommend a remineralization treatment in Saint Augustine, Florida, during your child’s regular appointment to give their oral health the boost it needs. Call 904-429-3387 today to schedule your child’s treatment at The Tooth Cottage Children’s Dentistry with Dr. Marisol Bolivar.

Bacteria, sugars and acids naturally accumulate in your child’s mouth as they eat and drink, which demineralizes the tooth enamel over time. Without proper oral hygiene, your child can become easily susceptible to cavities. Fluoride and hydroxyapatite are natural minerals that can be found in many toothpastes and can fight harmful bacteria and remineralize the enamel of their teeth. This can help strengthen them and keep them healthy.

Our pediatric dentist may recommend remineralization treatment based on your child’s risk of getting cavities or as a conservative treatment option for small cavities. At The Tooth Cottage, we are happy to offer FluoriMax 2.5% NaF Varnish with half the concentration of conventional fluoride varnishes. We are also happy to offer our patients Risewell Hydroxyapatite products. If you have any questions or would like to schedule your child’s next appointment with us to learn more, feel free to contact our office today.